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Visions and Values

"Vista Wealth Advisory seeks to PREVENT your portfolio from suffering unnecessary losses, PROTECT your purchasing power against inflation and PROVIDE income to supplement your long-term retirement goals."

Our Vision 

To be recognized as the premier independent financial services provider guided by the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and personal service.

Our Values

We believe Vista Wealth Advisory’s values distinguish us from our competitors. A broad business foundation coupled with a unique operating process makes us the desired partner. We rely upon the following core values to guide us in our relationships with all our clients:


  • We act with integrity, which is the foundation of our company and our relationships.
  • We deal fairly and ethically in our business relationships.
  • We maintain our clients’ best interests as a top priority.
  • We inspire trust by being honest and straightforward.
  • We honor our commitments.


  • We function together effectively toward a common goal. We cultivate a corporate culture by encouraging a strong sense of unity.
  • We work together to achieve success.
  • We are open and honest through the sharing of knowledge, ideas and opinions.
  • We are loyal, supportive and trustworthy.
  • We are fully accountable for our attitude, behavior, productivity and results.


  • We are open to new ideas and continually develop and distinguish our business from our competitors in order to provide greater opportunities for our clients.
  • We are resourceful, flexible and adaptable in finding solutions.
  • We welcome change for the possibilities it provides to create more efficient and effective results.
  • Commitment to Exceptional Service
  • We provide our clients with professional service. The quality of our service will be continuously measured and improved.
  • We continuously seek to enhance and expand our knowledge.
  • We are prompt, confident and reliable in meeting our commitments.
  • We are dedicated to creating and strengthening our professional relationships.