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Financial Life Management

Vista Wealth Advisory, PLLC works with a select group of families and businesses who are busy with other aspects of their life and the management of their careers or businesses. Our role is to help you put together the pieces to develop your own financial life management plan.

Together, we guide you through a very defined and disciplined process which begins with you. It’s essential for us to spend time discussing the things most important to you, your family or your business – your goals, both short-term and long-term and then we can develop a strategic plan for how to best accomplish those goals. But that’s just the start..

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Color Of Money

The Color of Money Risk Analysis assesses your financial picture and provides a roadmap to your overall risk preferences. The output will be a proprietary Color of Money score. 

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Social Security

Your customized Social Security Maximization report will let you know when and how to file for benefits to achieve your maximum Social Security lifetime income

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Strategy Assessment

To increase the value of our time together, you will need to provide some information so we can better meet your needs. Specifically, we have developed an online questionnaire that can help gather this information.

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Our firm is committed to helping people interested in achieving financial security and establishing the ability to retire with confidence. Please take the time to explore our website and the wealth of information we offer.

We offer personalized, hands-on service. We educate our clients about financial concepts and products, and take the mystery out of investing, insurance, taxes, estate conservation, and preserving wealth.

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2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The most sweeping overhaul of the U.S. tax code in more than 30 Years.

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How Will Working Affect Social Security Benefits?

Knowing the rules may help you decide when to start benefits.

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Rightsizing for Retirement

What does your home really cost?

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